Our Story

Not only did the founder of Mont Avenue have an obsession with watches, he had an extensive collection of the latest styles of his favourite brands and knew every fine detail of each piece he owned. It is with this passion that Anthony Montenegro designed his own minimalist style watch in a range of four colours to start the Mont Avenue Collection.

From Gold Coast, Australia Mont Avenue watches have been carefully designed to be tastefully simple, bringing out the best features of our time pieces. The very nature of our watches boast comfort and versatility, making them the perfect compliment to any style or outfit.

At Mont Avenue we believe a watch is more than just a time teller; it’s a representation of charisma for both men and women. This is why we’re always pursuing to refine and expand our collection.

Jump on board and support this growing movement by simply ordering your very own Mont Avenue watch. If there is one thing Mont Avenue wants to share, it’s that life is all about timing. Time is our most valuable possession; you can never get more time. So if you love life, make your time here beautiful.