Where It All Began

Winding back the clock to remind us of our humble beginnings, our journey began with a big idea and a passion to see it through.

The exciting adventure began on the Gold Coast in early 2016 when Anthony Montenegro, the founder of Mont Avenue watches, visualised a brand that offered a mesmerizing and fashionable range of products, that not only inspired the customer but also captivated them.

It was a typical Sunday breakfast at a local café where Anthony merged his last name to become Mont Avenue. Simple yet effective, Anthony knew that Mont Avenue could capture his vision. As they say, the rest is history.

Through many hours of sketching, designing and perfecting an exclusive watch surfaced. It was refined, fresh and contemporary. It was elegant, classy and sophisticated. It was the start of the Mont Avenue Collection.

Our vision at Mont Avenue will remain on crafting and producing modern timepieces which stay classic through time and won’t break the bank.

It began with four versatile colours that could be worn by both men and women. No matter the occasion our timepieces were designed to suit all of them. As the story continues, we can’t wait to share new products and a range of leather goods.

If there is one thing we want to share, it’s that life is all about timing. Time is our most valuable possession; you can never get more time. So, if you love life, make your time here beautiful.